All this brilliant stuff happened on March 18th 2017

(You missed it?? WHY??)

Workshop (Room 4, upstairs on level 3):
1.30-3.00 Design Your Own Star Wars Character Workshop
You! You like drawing? And Star Wars? Come along to this in-depth character design workshop with 2000AD and Beano artist Nigel Dobbyn, and learn how to create engaging and distinctive characters in the style of the Star Wars universe.

Talks and panels (Back of the main Bewick Hall - access via door beside café):
11.00-11.40 Applied Comics Etcetera: Comics: good, bad, and most things inbetween
Most of this talk is about the great things comics can do. As a medium, it can be used as a method of reflecting on learning (make a comic that tells people what you thought about what you did today), facilitating collaboration (let’s make a comic together as a way of working out what we’ll do next), and working with narratives (let’s decide what sort of story this is and how we want to tell it). I’ll show examples from collaborative comics projects by Applied Comics Etc including Newcastle Science Comic (read free online). But then I’ll make an argument that this same, powerful, comics medium also has the potential to exclude readers. There is however always hope: taking these potential dangers seriously can be a way to make stronger, more inclusive comics and to encourage more people to make and read more comics.

12.00-12.50 Herding Cats - the Anthology Editors' Panel
Anthologies - bringing the work of multiple creators together into one publication. That should be easy, right? Ha! Join Andrew Waugh (BOO!), Rob Carter (Radio On), Luke Halsall (Glasgow League of Writers), Tara McInerney (The Jay Mews Continental), Paul Thompson (Paper Jam / Newcastle Science Comic), Lydia Wysocki (Newcastle Science Comic / Applied Comics Etc), as they talk about their experiencing putting anthologies together, what makes a good anthology, what are the challenges to overcome, and how it hopefully all comes good in the end.

1.00-1.40 Black Lodge Press: Queer Punx make Comix
Black Lodge Press founder CJ Reay and collaborator Jack Fallows will talk about their work creating and publishing comics and zines that give a platform to queer voices in the UK Small Press scene. Taking an intersectional feminist stance, they will explore the overlap between comics and zine culture in DIY punk before answering questions from the audience.

2.00-2.40 Just A Comics Minute 
Daft nonsense ripped off from reinterpreting a certain classic Radio 4 panel with an added comics theme: intrepid comics folks attempting to talk for a minute without hesitation, deviation, or repetition. Hosted by Nick Parsnips, featuring plucky panellists K. Ben Clarke, Brittany Coxon, Gemma Moody, and Mike Thompson.

Drawing table (just outside the front of the main Bewick Hall)
Drop-by drawing all day
There'll be jam comics, mini-comic making, and creative challenges happening all day at the front of the Bewick Hall.

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