If anyone didn't come to the first Canny Comic Con last year and is wondering what it's all about, you may wish to check out the following:

Click here to see the guests and event line-up from last year

Click here to read reports and see photos and listen to one of the panel discussions

More info on this year's event will be posted soon(ish)!

The Canny Comic Con Strikes Back

Yes, it's official. The Canny Comic Con will return in a couple of months time.

December the 8th.
Newcastle City Library.


New blog design

Well, look at this - the blog has been decorated (mad props to PXT and Cuttlefish)

It is very beautiful. Look at that space wasp comic man! Maybe he brings comics to the people of Newcastle! You are impressed? You feel a warm glow of interest in all things comic-related? Yes?

More stuff coming soon.


Comic goings on: 24HCD is back in Newcastle

NEWS ITEM! Tomorrow, Saturday the 20th October, the hardiest souls in Newcastle comic-making will be attempting the challenge of 24-Hour Comic Day!

Each person will be attempting to make a 24-page comic entirely within a twenty-four hour period starting tomorrow morning.

Find out more about this heroic escapade HERE.


A date for your diaries

So, hey y'all, it's been a while. How are you doing? Been up to much? How's the book coming along? Good, good.

Anyways, you might want to note this date in your diary:

8th December 2012

No reason...