What is it?

The Canny Comic Con! The one-day free arts festival celebrating comics and sequential art!

Comics, comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, manga, sequential art - however you want to refer to it, the CCC aims to celebrate everything about telling stories in pictures. We've done events of different sizes but they all boil down to an appreciation and engagement with the medium of comics.

Latest event: 
Nothing's booked in at the moment, but no doubt the Canny Comic Con will return at some point!

Previous events:

The first Canny Comic Con happened on Saturday 10th December 2011. It was the biggest comics event to be held in the North East for over fifteen years - it was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves. Click here to see the full list of guests and panels and workshops in 2011Click here to read reports and see photos and listen to one of the panel discussions!

Canny Comic Con 2012 was held on Saturday 8th December. It was even bigger and more exciting than the first event, and everyone enjoyed themselves againClick here to see the full list of guests and panels and workshops in 2012Click here to read reports and see photos and listen to interviews and one of the panel discussions!

Canny Comic Con's Comic Creation Challenge 2013 happened on 7th December 2013. Everyone drew some comics!

Canny Comic Con's Comic Chaos Creative Collaboration 2014 happened on 9th August 2014. There was drawin' and some advocating for brilliant comics your probably haven't read yet!

In 2015 and 2016 the Canny Comic Con helped The Paper Jam Comics Collective put on a micro comic cons, The Paperjammening and The Paperjammening No.2, at Travelling Man comic shop.

Canny Comic Con 2017 returned in March 2017 - click here for all the details!

In a slight variation to format (DJs! Street food!) but still plenty of great comics, our Summer Comics Jam 2019 ran on 13th July 2019 at Tyne Bank Brewery in honour of Small Press Day.