CCCCCC report

The CCCCCC happened yesterday. A whole load of comics got drawn! A few photos:


Looong art jam!
Plus there's folders of awesome work sitting in front of me -  the 'Broken Telephone' game went through eighteen iterations, spiralling into bizarreness, and well over half of Amazing X-Men #1 got redrawn in a wide range of styles (and varying degrees of accuracy). Wonderful stuff.

The 'make an original comic collaboratively in a day' project didn't quite get there, but some incredible ideas were thought of (see some of the photos above), and maybe sometime it will come together sometime soon.

Thanks to Newcastle City Library (especially Judy and Jan) for giving us such a perfect place to do this thing.

Thanks to Cuttlefish for the excellent 'How To Make Foldie Mini Comic' instructions, thanks to Mike at Travelling Man Newcastle for the X-Men comics to work from, and massive thanks to everyone who came along and got involved in any way.

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