Ed Murphy

Who are you?
Ed Murphy; writer, publisher.

What have you done / what are you doing?
I’m Publisher of Rough Cut Comics which celebrates its tenth birthday in 2011. We made our name with The Surgeon comic titles, which were based on an unproduced film script which got the backing of Richard E Grant in 1999. We also published the official comic-books based on the cult horror film Society and got behind The Freedom Collective, which is renowned as one of Alex Ross’ favourite comics. I’ve been editing and financing for most of the decade; and also wrote the Rose Black titles, which is just about to reach its third-completed volume of books.

Why comics?
Why not? That’s the short answer. The long one is rather more complicated and is best explained by asking you simply to read The Amazing Spiderman (#121 in 1972), 2000AD (prog two), Captain Britain (issue one), Doctor Who Weekly (issue one), The Uncanny X-Men (#114), House of Hammer (issue two) and Tales of the Zombie (issue one). That should explain everything. Nuff said.

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