This is what happened

The Canny Comic Con occurred on 10th December 2011. It seemed to go pretty well. A massive thank you to all involved.

Here's a collection of info that we'll try to keep updated, pointing to things of interest relating to the CCC. If you spot something (a report or photos or anything), drop us a line so we can link to it, cheers.

***UPDATE*** Listen to the full 'The Information Superhighway to your audience! Digital distribution for self-published comics' panel discussion from the Canny Comic Con! Listen HERE!

On 12th December there was a little CCC report and interview with the fabulous Paul Davidson on page 12 of Newcastle's Evening Chronicle, plus a shorter piece in the Journal (also, coincidentally enough on page 12). These are not online so I suggest you try and seek out copies.

Okay, here are the links...
  • Here's the day in pictures - a big collaborative set of photos from the day: BIFF!   (And if you've got some of your own, add them!)
  • Ingi talks about his monster workshop at Teestoons.com: POW!
  • Andy Waugh reports: ZAP!
  • Cuttlefish reports: BOSH!
  • Photos from James Bacon for Forbidden Planet International: ZOINK!
  • Ian Mayor reports for Bleeding Cool: SNIKT!
  • Ian's CCC Twitter photos: CLONK!
  • Paul Thompson reports: BAMF!
  • Nigel Aucterlounie (AKA Spleenal) reports: FWAKK!
  • Lydia Wysocki reports: KABLOOEY!
  • Brittany Coxon reports: BLAM!
  • James Bacon reports for Forbidden Planet International: BOOM!
  • Newcastle City Library reports, with excellent podcast interviews with Dr Mel, Jack Fallows, the Talbots and Alex & Stacey): THUNK!
  • Gary Bainbridge reports: KERPLUNK!
  • Stacey Whittle reports for SFX magazine blog: WHOOSH!

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