The Paperjammening

So there's not exactly going to be a Canny Comic Con this year (boooo) - but wait! there is going to be....... THE PAPERJAMMENING!

The whatwhatwhat? A free micro comic con happening on 21st November, downstairs at Travelling Man, featuring the fine works of the Paper Jam Comics Collective!

You know the Paper Jam Comics Collective right? The hub of the North East comics scene! Running since 2007! Meeting regularly to talk comics, make comics, and generally do verbs relating to comics! They are splendid friendly people and if you make comics (or are thinking about it), totally regardless of ability, you should think of attending their meetings and getting involved - why not come and have a chat at the Paperjammening?

And the Paperjammening will see the release of the twelfth PJCC 'And That' anthology - Happy ...And That, a lo-fi A6 papery lump of joy about things that Paperjammers like.


The new anthology has been printed...
Twenty four pages for a mere ONE QUID! What a bargain!

Awesome people selling stuff confirmed so far...
Applied Comics Etc.
Britt Coxon
Oscillating Brow
Paul Thompson
Snapsaplenty & Al Summerscales
Terry Wiley
Lydia Wysocki

As well as their stalls, there'll be a bunch of collaborative doodling games and suchlike running - no artistic skill required, just turn up and get stuck in!

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