Paperjammening exhibitor: Emily Rose Lambert

Time for details of another comic creator who'll be at the Paperjammening...

Emily Rose Lambert!

Emily is a full time greetings card designer based in Newcastle. Along with weaving, needle felting and occasional blogging, she mostly spends her free time making comics which often feature elements of folklore, mythology, nature and pattern. Some of Emily's comics have recently been featured in a few anthologies, including: Thought Bubble, Newcastle Science Comic Spineless, Dirty Rotten Comics #4, Radio On and Lamplight Press. Her first self published comics and a collective anthology made with her sisters (the Big Brown Eyes Collective) debuted at Bristol Comics and Zine Fair this year.

Stuff for sale?

Dreamscape (based on an amalgamation of strange dreams, Dreamscape follows two anthropomorphic characters on a disjointed journey through a surreal, cosmic world)

Four Days in Budapest (a two-colour travel zine of comics, illustrations and notes made during a holiday in Budapest. Includes Hungarian folk art doodles, a quest for 'Chimney Cake' and a handy list of recommended places, among other things!)

Beginnings (a debut anthology of five short comics themed on 'beginnings' by the Big Brown Eyes collective - a collective of three sisters: Emily, Karis and Freya Lambert)

Cats and Wine (a book of semi-autobiographical comics based on University life by Karis Lambert)

PLUS some mini comics, illustrated jewellery, greetings cards, badges etc.

Find out more:
www.emilyroseillustration.co.uk, blog www.emilyroseillustration.blogspot.co.uk or on Twitter @DooferTree

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