Small Press Day SUMMER COMICS JAM at Tyne Bank Brewery


For Small Press Day, Canny Comic Con is putting on this awesome event, with the lovely Tyne Bank Brewery...

Summer Comics Jam (& Beer Garden Party)! Saturday 13th July. Noon-Midnight. Free entry.

Comics from the best local creators! Drawing activities for everyone! Food from Acropolis Street Food! Quality DJs! Possible sunshine!

You want a Facebook event? Well we got one for ya right here.

CREATOR LINE-UP (many more to come...):

Barry Fox - Hi its me Barry Fox. Please feel free to visit the event on the thirteenth of the seventh of the twenty thousand and nineteenth. There shall be things for eyes and minds to enjoy. www.barryfox.co.uk

Britt Coxon - I make art, papercraft, comics, websites and think a lot about D&D. I also make comics very often with the Paper Jam Comics Collective but not very often on my own. Right now I'm working on a zine all about underground spaces in Newcastle. britthub.co.uk/

Don'tdarede Press - We will be selling Minicomics, Poetry and Memoir Zines, and Abstract Prints inspired by African Art. www.behance.net/jameswilkinson

Elisa Edmondson -  When I'm not busy getting myself in thousands of pounds of debt at university, I like making comics about myself and people around me. I will be selling zines and other artwork. www.instagram.com/elisasportfolio/

En - Original comics and fanbooks spanning such an eclectic collection of subjects and styles that you wouldn't think they were made by the same person. ...They are though. Just to... make that clear. nattherat.co.uk

Lauren Matthews, a.k.a Sayomi - Small spooky manga artist from Northumberland. I tend to specialise in dark fantasy art inspired by Japanese culture. I have one long-running occult fantasy series, Sacred?. I'll be selling comics, artbooks, zines, and art prints related to those things. www.sayomidraws.weebly.com

Moodypidge - I’m a birdbrained cartoonist doing her best every day! Crumbs was a personal therapy project of mine that grew wings and took off, introducing Sugar, Spice, Salty and Sweet and their Crumbs of Wisdom! crumbsdiary.blogspot.com

Oscillating Brow - Purveyor of tiny comics about disappointment, melancholy, loneliness, and ping pong. oscillatingbrow.blogspot.com/

Pabbie - I'll have original artwork and comics to sell of my webcomic Buneasy; a selection of one shot comics about a girl struggling with anxiety and the social norms. www.facebook.com/Pabbiecrafts/

Paul Thompson - I’m the editor/curator of Invisible Beasts: A Hidden Cartography (an exhibition and art/writing anthology about Monsters, and the places that hold evidence of their passing), as well as deploying the Comic Robot Go. hollowearth.co.uk/category/science/

Spookdoodles - I'm an illustrator and comic artist from Sunderland. I like to draw cute and creepy things, and I take a lot of inspiration from horror films, cartoons, mythology and folklore. I'll be selling comics, zines, prints, badges and more! instagram.com/spookdoodles

This Means Waugh - I'm an illustrator and cartoonist raised in the Scottish Borders and based in North East England. I'll have self-published comics about scientists, libraries and dysfunctional couples, as well as prints featuring your favourite films in monochromatic splendour.

Trongate Publishing - Luke James Halsall and Gordon Robertson are two thirds of Trongate Publishing, the first comic book publisher from Renfrew. Trongate endeavour to help kids develop their writing skills and encourage people to read comics again. Trongate's Comicsworld was released at Avengers Endgame Scotland-wide at every Cineworld. Halsall's other work includes the Sicba nominated Out of Time published by Markosia and Robertson's Ar@e Cancertrongatepublishing.wixsite.com/trongate

And the mighty mighty Paper Jam Comics Collective - Long-running open-to-all Newcastle-based comic-making collective who will be launching their eighteenth anthology comic You Need A Holiday ...And Thatpaperjamcomics.blogspot.com/

Plus we'll have a communal table filled with wonders, including...

Comics from Mama Lips - Mama Lips draws mostly comics about their life, ranging from the mundane to the insane. They also make music you can hear at mamalips.bandcamp.com/

plus... Analogue Press, Omnivistascope, and more.

And what's going on?

COLLABORATIVE DRAWING GAMES: for everyone, all ages, all levels or artistic experience. Get stuck in!

Draw-a-panel-pass-it-on jam comics - classic format! Everyone must join in!

Foldie-mini-comics - we will be dispensing knowledge of the secret mystical art of folding up one A4 piece of paper with no staples to make an A7 booklet. Very mystical.

Broken Telephone - someone draws a picture. Then someone writes a description of it. Then someone draws a picture based on the description. Then someone writes a description of that  picture. And so on - but in each instance, the page is only based on the immediately prior page. In theory, it's the same each time, BUT THIS NEVER HAPPENS, it always mutates.

Comics robots GO! - the inevitable rise of our future mechanical overlords will also involve sequential art. Paul has constructed mechanical wonders that will set challenges for you puny human artists. The first robot will draw a random panel layout for you...

And his brand new creation (to be revealed for the first time at this event) will randomise a theme for you. Incredible! Now, human art minions - OBEY! CREATE COMICS!

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