High fives all round!

 photos: @LouiseReeve1, @BrittCoxon, @ToonLibraries

Thanks to all the creators, many of whom travelled great distance to be there.
Thanks to everyone who delivered the brilliant talks/workshop/panels.
Thanks to the 99th Garrison for keeping the event safe from those pesky rebels (and posing for photos and collecting for our charities).
Thanks for the donations of comics - and then money for the comics - at the charity table.
(We reached a total of £149.49 that will go to the Lord Mayor's nominated charities.)
Thanks to the Jen and all the library staff for giving Canny a home.
And thanks to everyone who came and bought comics, drew stuff, attended the events, I hope you had fun.

Without all of the above, the Canny Comic Con wouldn't be.

As ever, it'll probably return.

In the meantime you may also be interested in:

The majority of our guests sell their splendid work over the internet. Many do webcomics. You should check it all out, because they're all incredibly talented folks making great work.

Newcastle City Library - has a great selection of comics/graphic novels/manga. And now it has a subscription to Comicsplus - digital platform for comics (has a bunch of great stuff including, for example Bone, Hellboy, Adventure Timehttps://www.newcastle.gov.uk/leisure-libraries-and-tourism/libraries/download-ebooks-and-audiobooks#comics

The Library also has a graphic novel reading group - Readers of the Lost Art, who meet on fortnightly Tuesdays at 6pm to talk all things sequential art, usually with a particular book or theme.

In terms of making comics, check out Paper Jam Comics Collective, who meet on the second Thursday of every month at 6.30pm at Travelling Man comic shop and occasionally put together awesome anthologies (open to all (18+), regardless of artistic experience).

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