CCC2017 Guest: CharlyVonKarma

Who are you?
My name is Charlotte, I go by CharlyVonKarma and my work is mostly character and comic based.
I'm an up and coming artist from the North East who loves art, tea, music and old detective shows.

What have you done/what are you doing?
I've been attending conventions since 2010 selling quirky badges and prints featuring my artwork and taking commissioned sketches. Currently I am also working on a webcomic series called Sultans that focuses on the relationship between a music lover and a musician and the first volume has now been printed, so I'm very new to it all!

Favourite comics character (other than your own)?
Spiderman and Iron Man will always be my childhood favourites. As an adult I like characters like TJ from The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, Spider Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan and The Commander from the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things. I like a wide variety!

Further info?
You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at CharlyVonKarma!

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