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Who are you?
En Gingerboom - Avid devourer of Star Trek and veggies. Level 1 Freelance Illustrator with comic art and writing feats. SKILL: 7 STAMINA: 5

What have you done / what are you doing?
In terms of comics: Previously I've done a comic about social constructs and the power they have with a sci-fi backdrop, a comic about transgender experiences and issues, a comic about near-death experiences and revelations, and... a comic about being the only sober one at a party. A future comic will hopefully look at the ideas of personification and anthropomorphism and how they feature in the bonding process when any sort of acquaintance relationship is formed.

The current comic I am working on is about herd/social behaviour in times of danger and strife, but it might be easier to describe it as a buddy comic involving wartime and mobile phones. Unfortunately I won't have that one at Canny Comic Con, but I will have with me the one about near-death experiences and revelations titled What is it Katy?, which follows a little girl on a train journey as she sifts through a lot of confused events and emotions in her mind. The original version ran as an interactive webcomic online, and the printed version is the complete story plus print-only epilogue and bonuses. I'll also have prints, cards and merchandise (just in time for the holiday season of course!).

Three words that describe your favourite comics:
Visual narrative essay

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