Jack Fallows

Who are you?
Jack Fallows, comic book artist and illustrator. I ran Jack & Daniel's Comic Book Workshops with Daniel Clifford between 2008-2010. I founded the Paper Jam Comics Collective in 2007, but have unfortunately been off the radar with their activities for the last year or two while I trained to become a primary school teacher. I now have a classroom with a comic book library in it and use all available time and resources to indoctrinate the future minds of this incredible medium.

What have you done / what are you doing?
I have been self-publishing for about a decade and don't like to sit still when it comes to comics. Even if there are big similarities between my projects, I'm always doing something new in each one to entertain or challenge myself. Past titles include Rusty Nail, The Gentleman Ghost, Costume Party and the 24-hour comic John Henry Split My Heart. I'm hoping to have the conclusion to my series The Big Bang (which features ideas, editing and scripts by Alexi Conman) completed by the end of 2013. More recently, I've been producing horror/comedy strips with PM Buchan that have appeared in Scream and Starburst magazines, as well as in our self-published anthology Blackout, which also features work by Phillip Marsden and Andrew Waugh.

If you already know me, it will probably be as that guy who did that cute thing about a Gentleman Ghost. Stupid ghost...

Three words that describe my favorite comic:
Chris Ware Creation.

Further info:

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