Update! What's going on?

Hey! Things are looking pretty interesting, eh?

You'll see from all the profiles we've posted (navigable from the blog entry list on the right or by clicking the Guests button above) that some very interesting people will be at the Canny Comic Con.

And if you click the Events button above, you'll see that we're lining up some really amazing events and activities. Talks, panels, workshops, and all kinds of other interesting stuff.

Final scheduling is going to get sorted over the next few days but we hope you can now start to get a good idea of what'll be happening and why you should make sure you get along.

Oh, yes - and it's all FREE.

And don't forget that in the evening, from 7pm, we've got the Drink and Draw Film Night at the Tyneside. You like drinking and drawing? You like watching cult classic so-bad-it's-good films? You like hanging with some of the nicest and most talented folks around? Of course you do. It's free too - but remember, you still need to get a ticket if you want to come.

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