Gary Erskine

Gary Erskine has been drawing comics for over twenty years and has worked with all the major companies (including Marvel and DC Comics) and with some of the top writers in the industry. His highlights include Judge Dredd, Captain America and Dan Dare with Garth Ennis, with contributions to The Filth, Greatest Hits and Avengers/Thunderbolts. His current work on the motion book The Irons:Hybrids for Madefire is available free on iTunes for the iPad and iPhone and a return to form seen in his Warheads series. He has also illustrated for books and magazines, and contributed storyboards, concept and character designs for the games and movie industry. In his spare time he teaches workshops with his wife at schools, libraries and universities.

He is now also writing and publishing his own creator-owned books including Roller Grrrls (a roller derby series with co-writer/creator Anna Malady) and the soon to be released Zachariah Gunn:Dakota (with longtime studio colleague Dominic Reagan). Further releases will include Incendiary.US.

Three words to describe Roller Grrrls? Fast, Furious Females!

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