Jack Fallows

Who are you?
Jack Fallows - comic book creator, illustrator and workshop facilitator.

What have you done / what are you doing?
Jack is responsible for the comics The Gentleman Ghost, Costume Party, John Henry Split My Heart and the currently on-going series The Big Bang. He has created a number of personal commissions as well as commercial illustration work for magazines, bands and small companies. In 2007, he founded The Paper Jam Comics Collective and between 2009-2011 also ran comic book workshops for children with writer Daniel Clifford. He thinks a lot about the apocalypse and enjoys Fentiman's Dandelion & Burdock and M&Ms.

Why comics?
Comics are an infinitely diverse, widely underused, misunderstood and wrongly interpreted art form that, despite our best efforts, are still not quite accepted by the majority of society as anything to raise an eyebrow over. Because Jack enjoys feeling outcast, belittled and unappreciated, and because he hates money, friends and fresh air, he has toiled in this medium for almost a decade and will more than likely continue to toil in it until he keels over at the drawing desk or, heaven forbid, comics are actually welcomed by the wider world.

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