Paper Jam Comics Collective

Who are you?
The Paper Jam Comics Collective, a comic-centric creative community based around the Travelling Man comics store in Newcastle upon Tyne.

What have you done / what are you doing?
We've been meeting fortnightly since the beginning of 2007, yakking on about comics, drawing comics (including our signature '24-minute comic' sessions, the results of which sometimes get posted on our webcomic blog 'Paper Jams'), publishing anthologies of work created by members of the collective on various themes, and generally acting as a hub for small press comic creators in the Newcastle area.

We've produced eight anthologies so far: ...And That, Halloween... And That, 24 Minutes ...And That, You Will Have To Wait ...And That, Robots ...And That, Space Monkey, Art ...And That, and History ...And That. Our latest anthology, Alcohol ...And That, will be out soon.

Why comics?
It's in our name, fool!

Further info:

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