Paul Davidson

Who are you?
Paul Davidson, comic book artist and commercial book illustrator.

What have you done / what are you doing?
My first break in comics came in the 90's with Warhammer Monthly from Games Workshop where I created the series DwarfLords. Disappeared into the video games industry as a concept artist for a number of years. I now work for Marvel, pencilling and inking titles such as X-Men: Legacy to The New Mutants. I'm currently slaving over a five issue mini-series on another X book for Marvel,  X-Men: We Do Science, which starts in November I think.

I'm also developing a creator-owned project that I'm hoping will be published next year called AquaForce - you can see pre-production concept art in my art book that I'll have for sale at the Con. A sneak peek can be had here. I'll be selling that with or without original inked Marvel artwork, along with a selection of prints that I have on my website. Just for the CCC, I'll be selling the A3 prints for a fiver (a quarter of the usual price). Really looking forward to meeting the comic book Geordie massive - and if anyone would like a free sketch on the day, just collar me and i'll be happy to oblige  :)

Why comics?
Why comics?! It's the best art form in the world!

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