Leonie O'Moore

Who are you?
Leonie O'Moore, artist / writer.

What have you done / what are you doing?
I've been writing and drawing comic books since the mid-90's. My work includes the graphic novel Some Forgotten Part, the adventure series Monstrum Horrendum, as well as comics for Accent UK, New British Comics, the International Manga Association and the Comic Book Alliance. I recently contributed to the Spirit of Hope comic anthology, which aims to raise money for the victims of natural disasters in New Zealand and Japan. (It can be purchased from all good comic stores, such as Travelling Man in Newcastle). I'm currently working on a new graphic novel, some new Monstrum Horrendum books and I'm moving in to film making with a couple of documentaries in production.

Why comics?
Because they're awesome. I grew up reading comics. I love making comics. It's a diverse and accessible medium with so much potential that you can never tire of it.

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