Terry Wiley

Who are you?
Terry Wiley - I do comics, me!

What have you done / what are you doing?
I used to do a thing called Sleaze Castle (which wasn't sleazy at all, it was an anagram of 'Castle Leazes') - this may be coming in digital form to a shiny modern device near you soon! That had a spin-off, Petra Etcetera, which is also due out digitially at the same time.

Nowadays I write and draw VerityFair, a drama about drinking, screaming, acting and big fat secrets. Warning: May contain bottoms and swearies!

Why comics?
Because they're just as effective as film but 1 million times cheaper to make? People say 'comics are for kids', and yes, they are; but they never go on to say they are also for adults, teenagers, ladies, gentlemen, idiots and geniuses too. I wasted 10 years not reading comics because of that attitude, until someone showed me an intelligent comic and got me back on the ball.

Further info:
http://tinyurl.com/idcmcomics Facebook group

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