CCC2017 Guest: Faye Stacey

Who are you?
I'm Faye Stacey, the other artist in Panels Comics.

What have you done / what are you doing?
My most recent printed work is a murder mystery comic called Eye Spy! Murder - a silly homage to bad murder mystery telly. I like to get involved in anthologies and have had comics in Dirty Diamonds and Team Girl Comic. My work ranges from comic to illustrative, and regularly have artwork featured in Tie the Knot Scotland.

Favourite comics character (other than your own)?
It's a toughie, because I like such a huge expanse of genres. But I'll have to go with Tintin - it's unabashed, ridiculous adventure, which is something I've always been drawn to. If all you want is pure escapism, fun and adventure, read some Tintin; if instead you want to sit down and learn about pacing, storytelling and brilliant panel layout, read Tintin.

Further info:
Panels: https://www.panelspublishing.com/
instagram: @_pppond

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