Art Heroes

Who are you?
Art Heroes.

Art Heroes is the trading name of Daniel Clifford and Lee Robinson, a writer and artist team publishing comic books and offering a range of creative workshops.

What are you doing?
The Canny Comic Con will be the North East launch of Art Heroes. The first Art Heroes comic, Halcyon & Tenderfoot, will be previewed in the budget #0 comic - packed with clues for almost every story that will appear in the 4-times-a-year ongoing series.

The Art Heroes boys will also be sketching, signing, giving tips on how to make comic, selling subscriptions to the Halcyon and Tenderfoot series and running a create-a-character competition.

What have you done?
Daniel Clifford is the writer and co-creator of Newcastle's very own costumed crime-fighter, Sugar Glider, which has been a critical and sales success. As well as writing and publishing comics, Daniel had been running comic book workshops for two years under the name 'Jack and Daniel's Comic Book Workshops' before setting up Art Heroes with Lee.

Lee Robinson is a Hexham-based artist. Over the last few years he has completed a number of illustration projects and worked with young people and vulnerable adults. His first comic book work was the 12-page mini comic, Anthony, included in Sugar Glider 2. Sugar Glider Stories 2 will feature a 4-page strip by Lee, 'Costume', which reveals an important piece of the Sugar Glider origin story.

Why comics?
The Art Heroes lads have always been interested in comic books. Comics are great entertainment (a vibrant, visual storytelling medium), a wonderful aid to learning (a fantastic resource for getting youngsters passionate about reading) and can be incredibly cathartic to make and read.

Further info:
You can find the Art Heroes website at www.artheroes.co.uk. It's not finished yet, but when it is it will look great! You can also buy Halcyon & Tenderfoot issue 0 at http://artheroes.bigcartel.com.

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