Drink and Draw Social Club

Who are you?
We are the official UK Chapter of The Drink and Draw Social Club. We were officially sanctioned by The Founding Fathers of Dan Panosian, Dave Johnson and Jeff Johnson back in 2007 and were the first chapter to be established outside of the US. We are a loose affiliation of creative types from many different fields, all of whom gather together when the stars are right with one simple goal: to drink and to draw. It really is as simple as it sounds. Lots of like-minded individuals just hanging out in a bar with a few beers (non-alcoholic beverages are available – we wont say bad things about you behind your back) drawing some stupid stuff and enjoying themselves.

What have you done / what are you doing?
Despite the vast pool of creative juice which we collectively possess, we have done relatively little. To organize something would rub a little against the grain of out raison d’ĂȘtre. And be somewhat akin to herding cats.

Why comics?
Comics are our first, our last, our everything. They are the greatest novel, the finest picture and the best movie all at the same time. They have no limits. They are all types of awesome.

Further info:
We’re like the A-Team: you’ll find us when you need us most, otherwise we’re just an urban legend drifting through the consciousness of the underworld.

Or, we are also on Facebook. Look for a mister ‘Drink Draw’. Tell him fate sent you…

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