Ingi Jensson

Who are you?
Ingi Jensson, Icelandic cartoonist, comic maker & illustrator, with one foot in Holland and my behind firmly placed in the North East of England.

What have you done / what are you doing?
In 1998 I danced my way out of a ballet teacher’s education and turned my focus on my childhood dream of earning a living from drawing. Since then I’ve done daily newspaper comics, monthly comics for several magazines and my fair share of illustrations for various publishers.

I ran my own comic school in Iceland for three years and for the past two I’ve been offering comic workshops to schools in the North East. I am a somewhat irregular member of The Paper Jam Comics Collective and contributed a two page comic 'Do Androids Smell Electric Sheep' to the PJCC's Robots ...And That anthology project.

Since I’m the new kid on the block, I’ll be putting together a little b/w collection of my work, in English (no need to bring the English/Icelandic dictionary) and offering it for sale to any curious passers-by.

Why comics?
At an early age I was infected with the horrendous comic-flu and I’ve found that the only real antidote is to make comics myself.

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