Readers of the Lost Art

Who are you?
Readers of the Lost Art, probably the longest-running graphic novel reading group in the UK, based at Newcastle City Library.

What have you done / what are you doing?
We've been meeting fortnightly since March 2004, using the Library's graphic novel stock as a basis for group discussions on all kinds of comic-related topics. We write graphic novel reviews and occasional articles which we publish on our website. Aside from borrowing the stock and discussing/reviewing it, we've also had a hand in selecting it on behalf of the library. We meet alternate Tuesdays at the library, all welcome.

At the CCC, we'll be recommending material from the library stock - so go on, read some comics free!

Why comics?
Comics (well, specifically graphic novels) are ideal for library reading groups - compared to prose books, graphic novels are quicker to read, more expensive to buy, and perhaps easier to assess and discuss. It's odd that there aren't more groups like us!

(Also: "who would win in a fight, Batman or Hulk?" never gets old).

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