Lydia Wysocki

Who are you?
Lydia Wysocki, a perfectly respectable young lady who draws pictures and make things. Usually with a sense of humour. And who won't get offened if you mispronounce my name.

What have you done / what are you doing?
I've drawn and self-published two adult colouring books so far. Not adult in the sense of 'ooh that's saucy', just adult in the sense that 'maybe colouring in is a good thing for everyone, not just for children'. I've also draw and self-published two small books. The first one is a flippy-over book called Coffee/Tea that caused lots of confusion at the printers. The second involves googly eyes and sequins but is still definitely a book.
I'm currently drawing lots of pictures of houses and trying to work out what I'll do with them.

Why comics?
Because I think it's unfair to make people choose between being an artist, a writer, a craft-er, an explainer-of-ideas, and having a day job. So for me comics are a way to do all this. And to meet people and/or make them laugh.

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