Lydia Wysocki

Who are you?
Lydia Wysocki, an artist and writer and person who makes many things.

What have you done / what are you doing?
I continue to make awesome handmade small press comics and other awesome things. In November 2012 published a bonafide paperback book called Celebrity Homes: a book of words and pictures about awesome houses and the legendary people who lived in them. It includes epic tales of country music, George Orwell, education, history, biography, slang and bad jokes. It features many heroic people and many comical stories, but please don't be fooled into thinking it's a KAPOW! ZAP! SHAZAM! comic book.

I also make hardground etchings, which are prints made using a pleasingly dangerous process involving acid, power tools and face protection. Etchings have historically been used to make political cartoons (as seen in most History textbooks and in posh antique shops) but at the moment I'm having far too much fun etching animals and local landmarks to worry about hard-hitting content. If you happen to say hello to me at Canny Con I'll briefly bombard you with information about the etching process and then say 'nah, forget that, just have a go on this etching plate and see how you get on'.

Three words that describe your favourite comics:
Daft and clever.

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